Cris Bruch, Department of Forensic Morphology Annex, 2004, 28’ x 9’6” x 12”

Department of Forensic Morphology Annex, 2004, 28' x 9'6" x 12'

Commissioning Agency: Washington State Arts Commission Art in Public Places and the University of Washington-Seattle

Fabricator: Fabrication Specialties, Ltd., Seattle

Department of Forensic Morphology Annex refers to the Theodor Jacobsen Observatory and the F.K. Kirsten Wind Tunnel Building, two iconic buildings on the University of Washington campus. Taking inspiration from these two gems, the sculpture has a streamlined form that on closer inspection becomes an intricate latticework of light, shadow, and steel. Sited on the periphery of Parrington Lawn, the sculpture is hidden in plain view‹something to be discovered.

Copyright © Cris Bruch 2009